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Secure Online Data Backup
Our Online Computer Data Backup automatically and securely backs up the irreplaceable contents of your computer no matter how much stuff you need to back up.
Why Online Computer Backup?
Have you ever considered how much of your time - how much of your life - is on your computer? Photos, email messages, contracts, address book, financial records, documents, personal files, and so much more. How will you feel when you try turning your computer on and it won't boot? What if you get a virus that erases your files? How much time will be lost to recreating the documents, contracts, and financial records? What if there are things you cannot recreate?

Online Data Backup Protects You From:

* Accidental Deletion. 43% of people loose irreplaceable files.

* Theft. Only 3 out of 100 stolen laptops are ever recovered.

* Disaster. Thousands of files are lost each year to fires, floods, and other disasters.

* Drive Failure. Up to 13% of hard drives crash in their first year.
How Does Online Backup Work?
A small program is installed on your Mac or PC that runs in the background looking for new and changed files to back up. It looks and works like part of your computer, and is integrated into your desktop so there is nothing new to learn. You don't have to do anything, your files are automatically backed up. When you are using your computer, the backup program goes to sleep so it will never slow down your computer or internet connection.

Your files are encrypted twice before backing them up securely offsite using the same encryption techniques that banks use. Files remain encrypted at our secure data centers so only you can see them.

Recovering files is quick and easy. If you accidently delete or otherwise loose some of your files, it takes just a few clicks to recover them. If your computer is damaged, stolen, or "just dies" and you loose all your files, you can easily restore them to a new computer.

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