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Domains & DNS Services
For customers to send you email or reach your web site you first have to pick an address where customers can reach you. An address on the internet is called a domain name.

The domain name you choose is registered and then the IP addresses for your email and web site are installed on DNS servers. DNS servers translate the addresses for your email and web site into their numerical (IP) address on the internet - just like a phone book translates people names into phone numbers.

Sounds easy. What could possibly go wrong?
Domains & DNS Our Way
Our Domain & DNS experts are focused on one thing, making certain that where ever in the world a customer is trying to reach you from they have no trouble. Our Domain & DNS experts accomplish this by taking care of every detail for you - so everything just works.

Once we've registered your domain, we make sure we have the right number of DNS servers geographically dispersed throughout the world. So it doesn't matter if your customer is from Tokyo or Chicago, Hong Kong or Amsterdam, Miami or London UK, San Jose or Toronto, Washington DC or Phoenix, or anywhere in between, queries for your web site or email addresses will be answered by the nearest name server node that appears "closest" to the querying server. This means your web site starts loading faster than your competitors'. Every little detail matters to us (and probably your customers too).

We make certain you NEVER loose your internet presence, have a web site outage or email downtime just because you forgot to pay a bill. Or you respond to one of those official looking letters about your domain name because you're in a hurry - only to come to find out they charged you and are now trying to get your domain name. We take care of everything so you focus on what matters most - your business and customers.

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