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Email Hosting
What a difference a company can make. We often hear horror stories from new customers about their prior email providers. From how much time they wasted dealing with their email support staff who are simply not equipped to resolve their trouble, to their slow, unavailable, or unreliable mail servers. And don't get us started on their providers recommendations to use whitelisting of entire domains to make up for the inadequacies of their spam filtering system. We were pleased to hear from one new customer who, before switching to our email service, needed almost two hours daily to deal with spam email messages now needs only minutes.

There IS a better way.
Hosted Email Our Way
Email hosting our way is designed around you. Your email service inquiries are addressed by certified experts who are equipped to efficiently resolve anything you run into. We are also prepared with certified experts that are running the secure and reliable email infrastructure, servers, systems and procedures that keep everything working smoothly day and night - so your email just works.

With all our email services you get a 100% uptime guarantee, dedicated transition team, no long-term contracts, no setup fees, expert support 24x7x365, triple redundancy backups, and premium virus and spam filtering all included.

Need Microsoft Exchange for 1? or 100,000 seats? Email archiving? We're ready to help.

Just need to get your email on your Blackberry, iPhone, or Windows Mobile device? We're ready to help.

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