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Why Hosted Email Message Archiving?
Hosted Email Message Archiving - What is it?
"Hosted Email Message Archiving" generally refers to the process of copying all outgoing and incoming (capture) messages from a server and permanently storing a copy in a central location. The central location where the copies are stored is typically referred to as the "message archive". Once messages are stored in the message archive, authorized users are able to perform various tasks such as searches, compliance monitoring, and recover messages from the hosted email message archive.
Managed Internet Website Security Services Provider
Simply put, we stay out of your way. We make sure the tools you need to find and close new deals, follow-up with long-time customers, and retain the best employees just work. We are dedicated to providing your business secure enterprise-class technology solutions with budget-friendly value.

Our business solutions are all built, hosted, and maintained by our U.S.-based certified professionals in Tier 4 data centers designed and maintained without compromise for security and redundancy.
Technology Gets a Soul at KD Interactive
Using technology combined with human resources, we help your business grow. We help you find and retain more high-value customers, streamline your repetitive business processes, and stretch your sales and marketing budget.

What sales and marketing budget, you ask? Too often we have new customers reach out to us after already having spent tens of thousands of dollars with little or no benefit to their bottom line.
Cloud Managed Email Hosting
Our Email Hosting service provides everything you need from a business class email solution all in one place. From the basics you expect like the most effective and highest performing anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-virus protection available to the advanced features you demand like calendaring and sharing options, Microsoft Exchange, Blackberry and iPhone support, archiving, and more.
Website Design & Development
Customer Experience. Is your customer smiling when they interact with you? When they open that box with their order, sure, you got their order right and met their expectations (right?!). But in what ways can you exceed their expectations?
Website Management Solutions
Web site management and the tools can be overwhelming. Easy to update and maintain search engine optimization built-in with self-updating content, just enter once and publish to multiple places...
Secure Managed Data Backup Solutions
Secure Data Backup Solutions just set it and forget it, or else. Your computer crashes and that proposal you've been working on for weeks is on your computer but it won't boot anymore and you cannot get to your files. No problem! You have our Data Backup service.

You don't need to waste valuable time trying to fix your broken computer and instead can immediately resume your work to finish your proposal. But how??? Here's how:

a) go to another working computer in your office,
b) login to our Data Backup Remote Access web site, click a link, and download the latest copy of the proposal from last nights backup,
c) You finish your proposal on-time.
Email & Website Security
We provide critical layers of protection for your internet presence including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, real-time threat assessment and mitigation systems and more, all fully managed 24x7x365 by U.S.-based certified experts.
Managed Domain & DNS Services
A domain name that doesn't work is the same as a factory with no raw materials or a retail store with no electricity. Our domain and DNS services run from many geographically dispersed cities around the world to make sure your customers reach your web site and email without a hitch.

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