The KD Interactive servers used to provide the Mail Services will be located in a controlled access data center operated by Rackspace US, Inc. or a Rackspace affiliate. Access to the datacenter will be restricted to Rackspace employees or its agents who need access for the purpose of providing the services, except that Rackspace may provide access to third parties for audit purposes, provided that the third parties are escorted at all times by a Rackspace employee. The data center will be staffed 24/7/365 and will be monitored by video surveillance. Entrance to the data center will be authorized by proximity-based access cards and biometric hand scanners or other approved security substitute.


* Screening. KD Interactive will perform pre-employment background screening of its employees who have access to customers’ accounts.

* Access. KD Interactive will restrict the use of administrative access codes for customer accounts to its employees and other agents who need the access codes for the purpose of providing the services. KD Interactive personnel who use access codes shall be required to log on using an assigned user name and password.

* Internet Access. The servers used to provide the services will be located behind a physical firewall.


KD Interactive will immediately report to you any unauthorized access or release of your information of which we become aware. Upon request, we will promptly provide to you all information and documentation that we have available to us in connection with any such event.

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