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Hosted Business Solutions for Every Need - Every Budget
Our Hosted Business Services offer customized, on-demand, search-engine optimized websites, email, Microsoft Exchange, email archiving, web and mobile email, secure, off-site computer backup, and social media management, all fully managed 24x7x365 by certified experts. You pay only for the features and services you want in a simple "pay-as-you-go" subscription model.
Hosted Business Service's Benefits
* Low Upfront Costs
* Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
* Fast Deployment
* High Availability Infrastructure
* Around the Clock U.S.-based Certified Expert Service
* Feature Rich
* No More Worrying
Content Marketing That Sells & Search Engine Optimized!
Content Marketing Sells
Relevance. How do you show your customers that your product or service is relevant to their lives?

Genuiness. How do you reach out to them personally, even when you have so many?

Consider content marketing. It’s a buzz word that’s all the craze in the marketing world. Content marketing is a philosophy, a strategy that goes beyond the traditional “Sell! Sell! Sell!” advertising. When you use content marketing as part of your online marketing strategy, it puts your business on the digital map—and keeps it there with solid tactics:

* Updated Content
* Social Media Marketing
* Genuine Marketing Messages

Think you're too busy to implement a new SEO program?
Consider these startling search engine statistics...
* 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
* 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic search results.
* 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.
Why Hosted Email Message Archiving?
What is Hosted Email Message Archiving
"Email Message Archiving" generally refers to the process of copying all outgoing and incoming (captured) messages from a server and permanently storing a copy in a central location. The central location where the copies are stored is typically referred to as the "message archive". Once messages are stored in the message archive, authorized users are able to perform various tasks such as searches, compliance monitoring, and recover messages from the hosted email message archive.
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