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Results: What Search Engine Optimization Can Do

seo image_croppedAsk not what you can do for search engine optimization (SEO), but what SEO has done for one Wisconsin business.

Take ABC Flooring, one of our clients in southeastern Wisconsin, and what search engine optimization has done for their business. ABC Flooring came to us in March with a problem: they had a website, but was not getting enough traffic to their site.

Fast forward four months later, and their website traffic has doubled thanks to search engine optimization. In just 30 days, their unique visits increased 122%, 166% in May, and recently have hit an impressive increase of 200%.

Website traffic is just a number unless you can convert those visits to customer interest. Today, ABC Flooring receives form submissions every week, with 60% of those visits stemming from their search engine optimization package.

Their case may seem like a tale out of a story book, but the truth is that search engine optimization is necessary for anyone looking to grow their business, as you can see from the statistics behind search engine optimization. And if those statistics don’t convince you, just look at ABC Flooring’s web traffic statistics, proving that search engine optimization is effective. It’s also easy, if you start with a (free!) seo health report. Because what good is an attractive and functional website if your customers (and potential customers) don’t see it? Or don’t see it at the top of their search page?

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