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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

company execThey’re the latest trend, and everyone seems to have one, but why?

If you have more questions than answers about blogs as a marketing tool, and you’re hesitant about adding another ‘to do’ to your long list, consider the benefits behind setting up a blog for your business.

  • For your customers. Think of your blog as another service that you offer to your customers. By posting relevant information and tips, you can answer their questions 24/7 when they need it. Posting informational blog posts also shows that your business has the industry expertise to take care of prospective customers’ problems and provide products and services with knowledgeable, customer friendly assistance.
  • Increase web traffic. Top search engines gauge your website’s validity and the strength of your pages based on the content of your website pages. By posting regular blog posts, you are showing search engines that your content is updated, valid and relevant—three criteria they use to rank websites for search engine users. It’s search engine optimization (if you don’t know why that’s a good thing, check out the statistics in our previous blog post).

But before you jump in to blogging, make sure you understand what a good blog post that achieves the above results is. A good blog post should be:

  • Relevant to your customers’ lives. It should not be your musings about the universe, or ramblings that pertain only to you. If you need topics that are relevant to your customers, use their feedback from your interactions with them. What are their frequently asked questions? What do they want to know about your products and services? Are there misunderstandings or “I didn’t know that!” bits of facts that you can address?
  • Professional. You can use humor in your posts, but don’t cross the line. Your business blog post is for your business. Even if you push it out to your friends, remember that along the line someone outside your circle is going to read the post and judge your business by it.
  • Regular. You can’t go into your blog with an “I’ll get around to that” attitude. Having an outdated blog is almost worse than no blog. It’s a black eye to your business. If you know you won’t have time for posting, outsource your blog to a knowledgeable marketing company. Ask other business owners for marketing companies they would recommend. Once you’ve selected a company that achieves results through blogging, feed their professional writer topics and update them about changes in your business strategy. Your company image looks professional and relevant, and that’s good for your business.
  • Industry specific. Many a business owner has posted information NOT specific to their business without giving any thought to the people visiting their website. It’s okay to link your product or service to current events or a hot topic that everyone’s talking about.  But make sure it’s relevant to your industry. If someone is visiting your website, they are interested in your industry, product or service. They want information, not ramblings.

One last note of caution: blogging for your business is not for the faint of heart. If you can’t commit to creating GOOD posts for your business, you’re wasting your time. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t host a blog, it means you should contact the professionals and let them make your business look good. There’s no shame or blame in outsourcing, just a great deal of satisfaction as they make your business look good—and increase your website traffic.

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