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4 Sure-Fire Ways to Sabotage Your SEO Results

search engine optimization technologyAre you trying to drive more traffic to your website? Have you taken the words ‘optimized website’ to heart? Are you getting results? If not, it may be because you’re unintentionally sabotaging your own results. You’re not alone. The internet is full of websites that don’t reach their search engine optimization goals because they lose focus in four common areas.

Not thinking about your audience

When you’re trying to rank for the search engines, it’s tempting to focus solely on search engines. How can you make Google happy? What does Bing want that gets you to the top? Remember, search engines want to deliver user-focused content to search engine users. So focus on your customers. (Do you know who they are? If not, that should be your first step.) What are their pain points? Common questions they ask? Information they search for? Remember, what they are searching for is not just about your products, it’s answers to their questions, so don’t get too focused on you and your products either. Think of the process as a pizza restaurant with delivery. If you produce the delicious pizza (information) your customers want, then the delivery boy—search engines—becomes busy delivering your product to customers.

Being too worried about keywords

The days of keyword stuffing are over. In the ‘good ole days,’ your website’s ranking used to revolve around how many times you could put a keyword on one page. Google was looking for keyword density, and many companies responded with website pages full of a keyword and no valuable content for the customer.

That was then, this is now. Today’s search engines are looking for valuable content, and thin content stuffed with a keyword doesn’t cut it. In fact, keyword stuffing can get you penalized and destroy your search engine rankings. That doesn’t mean that keywords don’t count when trying to achieve SEO results; we’ll tell you how important they are, and how they are important in achieving results for our clients. What it does mean is that it’s up to you to deliver valuable content to your customers with keywords and relevant topics that your customers are looking for. To put it simply (and very generally): make your customers happy, make the search engines happy, get better ranking results. If you don’t think you have the expertise to craft that content, and create the perfect balance, contact experts in SEO writing that can. It’s a small investment that can pay big in the rankings.

Thinking you can do it all yourself

Optimizing your website with valuable content is half the equation (both when writing content for your new website and content marketing); technology is the other half. Local search engine optimization technology can get you in front of search engine listings in towns and cities within a 10, 20 or 50 mile radius. Even if you don’t sell products online, or have any interest in e-commerce, you need to integrate search engine optimization into your marketing strategy because local SEO technology—like KD Interactive’s—can get your business website in organic search engine listings using terms and the professional content your customers are searching for.

Not being selective about your SEO provider

A quality SEO technology firm can convert online users into customers, and get your business website at the top of search engine rankings in local markets. A sub-par SEO firm delivers promises that they can’t back up with testimonials or valuable metrics and statistics. For example: one of our clients, a flooring company, saw their website traffic double in just four months because of search engine optimization. In 30 days, their unique visits increased 122% and hit an impressive increase of 200%. Website traffic is just a number unless you can convert those visits to customer interest. The flooring company receives form submissions every week from potential customers, with 60% of those visits stemming from their search engine optimization package.

Shy away from companies that promise #1 rankings for almost no money; ask the company for testimonials and about the SEO tactics they use. You don’t want to get sucked into a gimmick with no results, or a company that uses SEO tactics that could get you penalized by search engines (i.e. buying backlinks, keyword stuffing, etc.) If you have any other questions about local SEO or want to see it in action, ask us. Breaking down the basics of SEO, and helping make sure that website optimization is working for you—and not against you—is what we do.

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