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Business Marketing New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

seo image_croppedDon’t be one of the 92% of people studies say fail to keep their New Year’s resolution. You’re a business owner, you don’t have any room for failure this New Year—only room to grow your business. To accomplish that BIG New Year’s resolution, don’t feel you have to make a novel of New Year’s resolutions for your business. Instead, stick to this list of five manageable New Year’s resolution that you can keep throughout the New Year:

  • Establishing a complete online presence for your business. For many business owners, this means setting up a functional, aesthetically pleasing website and that’s it—which is an incomplete online presence, to say the least. With millions flocking to social media, your business is missing a golden opportunity to connect with your customers, and potential customers. Creating a complete online presence not only means creating a website that can be found, but also reaching out and drawing in customers through landing pages and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Getting found on major search engines. Search engine optimization, SEO, is not dead. To the contrary, SEO is a valuable tool for any business looking to get found in local search results. How do you get started? Find a digital marketing company that not only promises SEO results, but achieves them—and can show you through reports. By utilizing SEO technology, customers can find your website through major search engines, connect with you through social media (which also comes up in search engine results) and contact you through your online form, email or by coming into your retail location.
  • Staying found on major search engines. Just establishing a website is a strategy that also gets your business left behind, at least in the eyes of major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. A website devoid of new content—video, articles and resources for web visitors—is a website that does not stay in the search rankings for long. Add new content to your business website and social media sites that fits the two R’s to stay on search pages—or find a digital marketing firm that can produce the content that keeps you at the top of the search engines.
  • Maintaining a social media site all year long. Finding out the best social media site for your business is step one.  Every business has a social media niche—a social media site that fits their brand based on the demographics of users. Step two is to maintain the quality content that is posted to the site. Regular updates are key to growing your social media followers, and connecting with your customers and potential customers. If you can’t maintain a social media site, outsource to social media experts who can maintain your social media site with quality posts based on the latest information.
  • Jumping into video marketing. Statistics don’t lie. A social media posting with video is 12 times more likely to be shared than a post with just text. In addition, website pages that include video are ranked higher on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing than text-only pages. Videos are your chance to show case your products and connect with your customers, giving you an edge over your competitors and a 24-7 chance to tell your story.

Don’t procrastinate fulfilling your marketing resolutions—and don’t just trust anyone with your online marketing results. Choose a company with experience who has achieved results. Contact them today, and make your New Year a happier year with online marketing results.

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