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How to Spread the Word about your Social Media sites

Is your social media page like the tree that fell in the forest?

It’s that old adage about the tree in the forest with a new twist: does a social media page make noise if no one is around to hear it? The answer: yes, but is it worth your time to maintain?

Though maintaining a social media site with relevant, updated content does have search engine optimization value, a social media page with few or no followers is not reaching its full potential. So how do you attract those elusive followers and fans? It’s easier than you think, but also requires a full effort as you run your business:

  • Invite people at the counter, in sales meetings and when you provide customer service. We know, in the digital world we live in, it seems counter-intuitive that spreading the word via mouth is still one of the best ways to draw people to your social media sites. It’s also one of the easiest. A simple, “Don’t forget to check our Facebook page for discounts” when you check out a customer or ending a client meeting with “We’d really appreciate it if you’d check out our social media sites for more information” is a personal invitation. In today’s world, many of your customers and clients can find the site right there—and continue the connection that you initiated in person.
  • Integrate your social media and blog into your marketing materials. Producing a brochure? Add your Twitter profile address. Sending out a direct mail piece? Don’t forget to add a QR code they can scan with their smart phone that takes them straight to your Facebook page.
  • Get your employees’ buy-in. If you are a real estate firm, ask your employees to follow your page and share information with their friends. That doesn’t mean they need to share everything, but, as powerful advocates, they can share posts they feel are relevant and expose your business posts to a new audience.
  • Connect your social media pages to your website. If a customer is on the verge about buying your product, the “tipping point” that influences their buying decision may be a discount or promotion. But how will they know about it? Add links to your social media sites to your website. Today’s consumers not only research your website, but your social media sites as well—and you need to make it easy for them.
  • Add the social media addresses to your email signature. This is one of the simplest—and most overlooked—way to spread the word about your social media sites. You send emails to your customers with quotes, product information and customer service inquiries. Why wouldn’t you want to continue to connect with them after they’ve read your email?

If you’ve outsourced your social media site maintenance (remember there’s no shame or blame in it), consider these efforts your part of the bargain. You’ve invested in the experts to create and maintain an online presence, so why not fulfill your role by spreading the word? However you spread the word, make it easy. Today’s customers are overwhelmed with information and have little time to search. Give them a link, icon or graphic that captures their attention—and then keep them engaged on your social media pages with updated, relevant content.

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