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Less is more? 3 Guides for Your Strategic Online Marketing Equation

splash8_socialYou’re a business owner and customers are the core of your business. How can you serve them better? Give them value? Make their experience with your business enjoyable?

Use that same customer-centric approach when setting an online marketing plan for your business (or find someone who does). And, though it seems to go against your natural business owner intuition, mix this into the equation for your marketing plan: less is more.

Let’s get one thing straight: that doesn’t mean you don’t need to embrace the exciting new online marketing tools you see around you. To the contrary, a functional website and solid social media presence are “must haves” for every business looking to market online (after all, that’s where customers are nowadays). What it does mean is to be strategic—for you and for your clients.

While you need to be a part of your customer’s online experience (notice part, not all), try not to be their only online experience, and a bad one at that. Let’s be honest: we’ve all unfriended someone, or a business, because they are posting TOO MUCH or giving us junk we don’t need. Nobody loves a loudmouth.

Sounds like a really complicated equation, doesn’t it? However, scheduling and creating information for your customer is simple if you use three guidelines: be regular, valuable and strategic.

Be Regular
Regular posts and updates fuel people’s interest and show your business has a presence. People judge your business by not only what you put on social media and your website, but also how often. Many a potential customer has left an outdated website in disgust.

Be Valuable
Give value to your customers. That not only applies to your products, but also to the content, posts and tweets you put online. Don’t waste their time (and your time). Give them content they really need so they value your updates. Sometimes it’s valuable to give them a smile—and it’s good to show you care—but don’t only put “cutsies” up. Show you care sometimes, give them updates sometimes and give them value ALWAYS. Give your customers what they want. That’s how you operate your business and how you market online.

We can’t tell you exactly what your customers want. You have to find that out from your interactions, both online and in person.

Be strategic
Being strategic is mixing together the two points above. Your goal is to avoid buyer’s remorse for your customers. Just like you don’t want them to regret buying your product or service, you don’t want them to regret following your online updates. Know what your customers want, and give them regular and valuable information without overwhelming them. When you regularly push information out, make sure it’s valuable. Don’t waste their time, and don’t waste yours. Quality is more important than quantity. Less is more.

Online marketing plans are equations, and each business needs a different equation. However, if you use these three guidelines for your online marketing equation, and find the right content to add together, the sum of all the parts creates a valuable product for you and your customers.


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