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(Other) Ways to Promote Your Biz BESIDES Social Media

customer looking at business websiteSocial media has taken marketing by storm. It dominates the headlines. You can’t go anywhere without hearing terms like a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram…

It can get overwhelming. Or annoying. Or maybe you’re dominating social media and looking for more. Or you’re panicking because of the latest Facebook algorithm announcement.

To be sure, social media is a valuable part of a business marketing plan, but it’s not the only tool—and it definitely shouldn’t be the only tactic you use to market your business.

Website Optimization

It’s not enough to simply have a website. Your website needs to be full of content and media (video and images) optimized for potential customers and search engines. Statistics don’t lie; more than 90% of online users start their search for information on search engines.

The need for an optimized website is a necessity more now than ever. When building a new website, write content (both headlines and text) that contains relevant terms and topics users typically search for (or ask the pros who specialize in website optimization). Don’t over do it. Content that sounds like a computerized robot created it can be a real turn off to potential customers.

For local businesses, take a step further to attract local customers. Utilize local optimization services to get your websites on page one of searches by customers within 10, 20, or 50 miles of your location. Contact a company that provides services and the data that clearly demonstrates results.

Don’t stop there. The top search engines factor in relevant, fresh content in their ranking decision. Create new content on a regular basis (use these content ideas so you can come up with new topics your customers want to read) that is part of a marketing plan with goals and tactics.

Email Marketing

Sending e-mails to customers is a marketing tactic with one of the highest return-on-investments—if executed properly, starting with e-mail collection. Do not send e-mails to customers without their consent. Instead, collect e-mails on your blog, by asking over the phone or online, or by making an in-person request after servicing the customer.

All e-mails sent should deliver value to your customers, such as information or exclusive discounts. Utilize the same tone as used on your website, in content, or on post cards. Capture your reader’s attention with creative subject lines that make them want to read.

Direct Mail

Postcards and letters may seem like a marketing tactic of the past; the truth of the matter is that, when used as a part of a targeted marketing strategy, mail still is effective in this modern era. Connect this offline tactic to your online marketing tools by using the same tone in the written content and including clear call-to-actions. Request your customers visit your website or social media sites for more information, or ask for their e-mail address for future communications.


There are three kinds of events that can be advantageous for businesses: events run by the business, marketing events, and community events. There are a lot of options: in-house sales, tradeshows, conferences, seminars, community fundraisers, product launches, community classes. The kind of event(s) appropriate for your business (and the most effective) reach your target audience and are in line with your company’s marketing goals. When you decide on an event, formulate and execute a comprehensive marketing plan leading up to the day—and after—of the event.

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