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Understanding the Two R’s of Social Media Marketing

social media_croppedEver feel like social media marketing for your business is like wandering around in the dark with a blindfold? That unlocking the power of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ is a meaningless, hazardous path with no road maps or guides? There are so many factors not definite in social media marketing because your marketing efforts have to be specific to the demographic of your audience: when you post, what you post, how often you post. But there are two guidelines that can guide you as you navigate through the world of social media, no matter what demographic you are trying to reach. Just use these two R’s when selecting what content to post, or when creating content for posting:

  • Relatable. Is your content relatable to your audience? Can they relate to the problem you are writing about or choosing content about? Does your content relate to the age group of your audience? One way to choose relatable content is to listen to your customers as you provide customer service and find content that answers their questions. Remember social media is not about openly selling to your customer—that goal is met by posting relatable content that helps them, and makes you stand out—it’s about listening.
  • Relevant. At first glance, relevant might appear to be the same, but there’s a slight difference. A cartoon may be relatable, but it’s not always relevant to your product or audience. Remember your audience should be following your brand because they care about the service (find out how to attract that kind of audience in this blog post) or product. Don’t alienate your core followers because your posts are not relevant to their interests. Sometimes social media marketers try to be relevant to everyone, but lose that core engaged group in the process. Remember, it’s better to have 300 engaged followers than to have 30,000 uninterested consumers that don’t care.

Social media marketing is a marathon. You don’t achieve your goals unless you keep putting in the effort on a regular basis. If you don’t have time, or feel you can’t use these guides wisely, contact a social media marketing firm that can. Give them regular input that you see in your business, and achieve results (another R!) with an engaged audience connected to your business.

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