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What do your customers want from your social media sites?

company execYou’ve heard the old adage “the customer is always right.” The advent of social media marketing may have altered how businesses communicate with their customers, but at the end of the day, the adage still rings true. Proving your customers are right by giving them what they want is the epitome of social media, sites specifically designed for conversations between the customer and the business. So what does your customer want to see on Facebook and Twitter, anyway? Here’s what our experience, and research, has shown:

Exclusive discounts. Want a sure way to attract customers to your site, and determine how many people are seeing your posts? Give out an exclusive social media offer with a coupon or discount code (with a graphic!), then sit back and see how often it is used. Remember, your customers only use the discount if it’s worthwhile, so don’t make it complicated.

Graphics & Pictures. Want to appeal to your visual learners? Studies have shown that posts with graphics are more likely to be shared and viewed than text-only posts. Use graphics and pictures as often as possible on Facebook and Twitter.

Relevant resources. Statistics have shown customers are more likely to buy from companies they trust. Build their trust by giving them resources (for information on the kind of resources check out our recent post) that help them.

(Occasional) giveaways. The number of fans and followers is not a true judge of your impact on social media. The amount of engaged customers is far more important. Are people responding to your posts? Are they seeing your posts? Use your social media analytics. If a person ‘likes’ your page and engages, they will repeatedly see your posts, and that’s what you want. Show your appreciation with occasional giveaways, but don’t feel compelled to repeatedly run giveaways. When you do run a giveaway on Facebook, make sure you follow the rules.

Most importantly, remember your customers are human. They are not numbers, they are humans using social media to interact and learn. Don’t post updates or tweets that sound like a robot. Be human and your customers will respond. Listen to them, and give them what they want—both in person and on social media.

If you can’t give them what they want because you don’t have time, or you just feel out of your league, we’ve said it before: there’s no shame or blame in outsourcing your social media marketing. Give your marketing firm direction, and trust them to give your customers what they want—even as that evolves with time. Believe it or not, outsourcing your social media marketing is more affordable than you think, giving you time to give your customers what they want—both on the phone and in your office or store.

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