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Word of Mouth Is Still King, Even With Social Media

social media_croppedAn updated Facebook page with satisfied customer reviews is well, fantastic. Constant tweets with links to excellent content is beyond awesome. But a solid social media presence is just a presence if you don’t use word of mouth to promote it.

Even with all our technology, with all our smart phones, laptops, tablets, instant messages and email, word of mouth is still king. It’s still the BEST way to let people know you have a social media presence. It’s even easy:

  • Mention it to your customers during meetings. If you’re a real estate agent, a simple “and you can check out our Facebook page for listings and articles that will help you as you search,” is a way to give your clients more service, more resources—and to stay in touch with them even after their search is over.
  • Tell your customers to watch your page or profile for specials. Of course, if you tell them they can find specials on your social media sites you have to back it up with specials that make it worth their while.
  • Give your customers a card with a list or URL of your social media sites. Think about it, you’re ringing them up after they’ve experienced your quality services. A simple, “don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for specials and updates” and a quick pass of the card gets their attention—and their like or follow later.

Your customers want to know about your specials. They want to know about the latest products. They wouldn’t be coming into your store or calling your business if they didn’t, so why wouldn’t you want that connection to them when they are going about their daily lives?

But if you don’t promote your social media sites to your customers, or don’t link to it on your website, it’s just a page. It’s a presence with no link to the rest of your marketing tools. We see it all the time: clients who want the social media presence, but they don’t mention it to their customers, and don’t integrate it into their marketing toolbox. They assume that their social media presence will live on, with no input or link to the rest of their tools. The result is there is no connection with the people buying their products. And that’s what social media is all about—people, connections and word of mouth.


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