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10 Reasons Your Content Marketing Is a Fail

frustrated young business man irritated that content marketing isn't working“Why isn’t my content marketing getting results?” might be one of the most asked questions out there.  (Right behind, “what is content marketing?” and “why isn’t my social media posts getting any attention?” but those are posts from another day.)  Fact is, many a business manager and owner know enough about content marketing to be dangerous but not effective. Here are some of the most common reasons why your content marketing is stalling out.

You don’t know who you’re writing for

All your content should revolve around your audience.  If you don’t know who that is, you’re not going to write content that they want to read.  Take a second look at identifying your audience, and tweak your efforts accordingly.

You’re not posting regularly

The internet is full of blogs started with good intentions—and good posts—but lacking follow-through.  Content marketing takes commitment.  You’re not going to get continual credit from your online audience and search engines if you don’t continually produce quality content.  If you can’t keep up with your ambitious plan, outsource your efforts to a marketing firm that delivers.

You don’t have a plan

Random posts randomly shared yields random results.  Worst yet, it yields sporadic results that aren’t going to stick with your audience and give long-term results.  Before you start publishing content, create a content publishing calendar that coordinates with your other marketing efforts (both online and offline).  A marketing company can also help you draft a calendar and give you unbiased expertise that makes the calendar effective.

Your content just sits

As satisfying as it might be to hit the ‘post’ button on your blog, content on a blog is static.  Your audience isn’t going to find your content unless you have a strategic promotion plan.  If you want your content to be useful, use it in emails, on social media, on mail pieces, and on other media.

Too many typos

If you want your audience to click away from your content, don’t proof it.  Nothing repels a reader faster than an article full of typos and grammatical errors.  Double check your content before and after posting, and make sure your emails are full of content your teacher would be proud of.  If that task is beyond daunting (and time-consuming), contract your content to company that produces quality content.

Your content just sells, sells, sells

Business owners just want to scream to the world, “buy, buy, buy!”  Your content shouldn’t.  The goal of content is to build trust.  Content that sounds like a walking advertisement is going to do the opposite: make your audience quick to hit the ‘back’ button.  Quality content should have a call to action, but shouldn’t scream at your audience.

Your audience doesn’t care

Why would your audience click if you don’t give them a topic they care about?  Relevance is the name of the game in content marketing—and the way to get clicks and engagement.  Your audience isn’t going to click on your headline if you don’t give them a topic they care about and that’s relevant to their life.

You’re not allocating enough time

As easy as content marketing sounds, it does require a significant amount of time and effort.  Many of our clients have delved into content marketing thinking they have the time, but quickly realize they don’t.  A few paragraphs aren’t going to do; you’re going to have to have the necessary time to produce quality, in-depth content.

You aren’t using quality images in your plan

Notice the caveat: quality images.  The combination of images and text in your content marketing plan serves as a draw for everyone in your audience.  Text-only articles without images or social media posts minus a quality image just isn’t going to get your audience’s attention.

You expect the moon now

Online marketing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  If you want to build a quality following that makes all your content marketing efforts worthwhile,  prepare for the long haul OR contact a marketing company that can achieve long-term results (here are tips for choosing the right content marketing company).  There’s no shame or blame when outsourcing your content marketing efforts—only the satisfaction of an effective well-executed content marketing plan.

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