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12 Fresh Social Media Post Ideas

social media postsHappy Social Media Day! In honor of this fun holiday, we’re answering one of the most common questions we hear, “What should I put on my social media page?” We’ve given some guidance on the subject before, by recommending you use two R’s to guide your social media work (and no the two R’s are not rant and rave) and a few ideas for social media posts. Today, we’re getting “down and gritty,” and more specific, with 10 fresh ideas for social media posts:

  1. Tie your subject for your post into a “holiday.” Who doesn’t love National Donut Day, Social Media Day or National Hug Your Cat Day?
  2. Post pictures of the people behind your business, at work. Give your customers a peak behind the scenes, and tie faces to your business. Make sure your photos match the tone of your business, and choose who you profile strategically.
  3. Make your audience feel like they are getting the “inside scoop.” Tell your audience something they might not know about your product, business or a generic industry stat.
  4. Share community involvement. If you’re a local business, show that you are part of the community around you by showing your involvement in local activities like festivals, trick-or-treat, etc.
  5. Make your product a contest. Ask your customers if they know the answer to a multiple choice question or an open-ended question. Try to make it fun and industry-specific.
  6. Video. The video could be of a service you do, or something you do for the community, or of your company dog having fun. Try to ask yourself what your audience can get out of the video. How does this fit in to my marketing plan?
  7. Give your business a “Where’s Waldo?” social media effect. If your workers are on the go, put up a random photo and ask your audience to guess where they are, or just to show you can go anywhere to help your customers.
  8. Show you have a history. Yes, Throwback Thursday is one of the oldest phenomena in social media. But it’s also a neat way to show how you started out, and how far you’ve come. An old photo also matches your business to a face, even if it’s the face of a founder.
  9. ‘Fill-in-the-blank’ or ‘caption this’ photos. It doesn’t matter what kind of photo it is—silly, mysterious or serious—give your audience input into the photos you post.
  10. Photos, photos and more photos. Statistics have repeatedly shown that social media posts with visual content get more engagement. If you’re posting on Pinterest and Instagram, photos are NOT optional. They are a must to get engagement. Don’t be afraid to share photos from other pages as well, as long as they are relevant to your business.
  11. Mix it up. Don’t let your social media page get stale! Use a variety of different kinds of posts and media to get your audience’s attention and keep it.
  12. Outsource if needed. We’ve said it before, and we stand by it: there is no shame or blame in outsourcing. If you want to get results from your social media page, you need relevant and regular posts on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest profile or page. Contact experts that know the social media platforms and can give you the regular and relevant posts that relate to your business. You’ll need to give input, as we outlined in our post about outsourcing your marketing do’s and don’ts, but the end result is worth the effort.

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