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Where does social media fit into your marketing plan?

splash8_socialYou’ve heard about social media marketing and all the big names: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest. But what does it mean for your business? Should you stop advertising and take your business exclusively to your fans on social media?

The answer: social media should be PART of your marketing plan. Like your website, a well-designed Facebook page or Twitter profile is a powerful marketing tool—on sites where customers and potential customers are already interacting with their friends and family. They can find resources, engaging content and a convenient place for interacting with your business on social media.

Social media should NOT replace your other marketing tools. Remember, it is only part of your marketing plan. Your website still needs to be updated with all the latest information and content. You still need to call and set up meetings with potential clients. Social media is just one outlet to reach out. If you have sale on a product, social media is an ideal platform to inform your customers—creatively. Want to let your customers know that you are a strong part of the community? Let them know about a fundraiser your business is sponsoring. Have a common question that your customers ask when they contact your business? Give them the resources on social media that give them the answer.

As with any other marketing tool, there are negatives to social media too. Maintaining a good social media site does not end the day of creation. If you find yourself pressed for time, trust your social media presence to the experts. They stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies, and can use the graphics and information strategically—giving you the best value for your social media investment and time to run your business. (KD Interactive has social media marketing packages that fit your budget—and your business. Click here to inquire about our experts and how they can give you the peace of mind about your social media presence and time to run your business.) Just one more part of social media marketing to note: customers can leave live reviews and comments on your page, so you need to be prepared for the positive and negative interactions that arise with an open format.

So don’t be intimidated by the social media jargon. Trust the experts, and embrace the opportunity to be social with your customers—and potential customers—that are already on social media.

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